Race GoPro Base

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Bar Fly Race GoPro Base

*This item is discontinued, replaced by PRIME GoPro Base

*Limited stock remaining.

Bar Fly Race GoPro Base mounts a GoPro camera, or a light with a finned GoPro style mount, on most Bar Fly aluminum mounts.  The Race accessory is precision CNC milled from 6061 aluminum.  The included adapter plate allows mounting in Left-Right holes as well as Up-Down holes, depending on the computer head used.

Included in Box:

    • Bar Fly Race GoPro Base
    • Adapter plate for left-right mounting
    • 6 pcs M4x5mm Flat head screws (4 pcs installed, 2 pcs extra)
    • 1 pc M5x20mm Button head screw (installed in fins)

 Compatible Bar Fly Mounts:

    • Bar Fly Race Mini
    • Race Spoon (check weight capacity of bar)
    • Race Flipper (needs 8mm screws)
    • Cervelo AB-08 Spoon
    • Bar Fly 4 Prime, top or bottom
    • Bar Fly 4 Spoon
    • Specialized Accessory Mount (Venge stem mount)


  • Bar Fly 4 Direct & Bar Fly Race Direct - Carrying capacity of Direct Mount is 225g, about the weight of a large Garmin 1030 computer.  Overloading Direct mounts  can result in mount failure, causing damage to equipment and personal injury.
  • All Bar Fly 4 Nylon injection-molded mounts (different shape and bolt configuration)
  • Bar Fly 4 MAX, MINI, MTB, TT, Cervelo AB-04
  • Bar Fly SLi