Bar Fly Race Flipper

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The Bar Fly Race Flipper is an aluminum accessory mount for GoPro compatible bases, including Trek Bontrager BLENDR and 2021 Cervelo.  The Race Flipper bolts directly to a stem mounted base, putting your computer front and center with no handlebar interference.  It can be "flipped" up or down depending on the size of your computer and cable clearance.  #BFRFB-553

The Race Flipper comes with a Garmin computer head installed, plus heads for 5 other popular brands of computers.  The Flipper features an adjustable view angle. 

Prime GoPro Base is compatible but not included.

     Included in Box:

  • Bar Fly Race Flipper mount 
  • Computer head mounting bolts
  • 6 Computer heads: 
    Garmin, Wahoo, Cateye, Bryton, Polar, Mio
  • 2 additional mounting screws (M4x8mm flat head), for Race GoPro (screws included with Race GoPro are too short for Flipper).

   NOT included in box:

  • Trek Bontrager GoPro base (shown in photos) - this is an optional item from your Trek dealer or Bontrager online.  It is different than the reflector mount that comes with the bike. There are different GoPro bases depending on stem model.  

   Compatible Computers - subject to cable clearance on your bike

  • In general, large computers like Garmin 1000 series and Wahoo Elemnt, only fit on the "flipped up" position.
  • Smaller computers, up to 3.5" long, fit in the "flipped down" position.
  • Garmin Edge Series 200, 500, 510, 520, 800, 810, 820, 1000, 1030, Touring
  • Watches 910XT, 920XT
  • Polar M450, M460, V650
  • Wahoo ELEMNT and BOLT
  • Mio 500, 505, 505HC
  • Cyclo 200, 205HC, 210, 315HC, 400, 405, 405HC, 505HC, 605HC
  • Magellan 315, 505
  • Cateye Wireless models Padrone, Strada, Micro, Velo
  • Bryton 100, 300, 310, 330, 530, 750, 10, One, 410
  • Bryton Rider 60/ Rider 200/210 (Use Garmin head)
  • Lezyne and Powertap computer heads below are not included with BF Race mounts but are available for purchase)
  • Lezyne  Micro, Mirco C, Mini, Macro, Super and SuperSE  
  • Powertap Joule