Bar Fly Prime Direct 1

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The Bar Fly Prime Direct 1 (PD1) replaces our Race Direct mount with increased carrying capacity and computer position adjustment.  PD1 mounts to slotted faceplates of Bar Fly Certified stems only, listed below.

PD1 mounts against an elastomer spacer* that softens vibrations on your electronics.  Upgraded interface with M4 bolt and brass sled nut allows simultaneous mounting of a computer and light.

The Prime position plate offers 2 mounting positions to accommodate large and small computers.  7 computer heads and and a GoPro compatible base are included.  "Buy one and you're done."

 2 Elastomer Spacers are provided. One for Felt AR Stems, and one for all other compatible stems.

    Compatible Stems:

  • Felt AR Stem
  • Cervelo Carbon ST-C026  
  • Cervelo Ultra Light Aluminum (used on R5, R3, C3 and S3 bicycles)
  • Fizik Stems (All)
  • 3T ARX II with slotted face plate

    Included in Box:

  • Bar Fly Prime Direct 1 Aluminum mount
  • Mount hardware including bolt, elastomer spacer and brass "sled nut"
  • Screws for Computer and GoPro adapters
  • Prime Position Plate and 7 Computer heads: 
    Garmin, Wahoo, Cateye, Bryton, Omata, Polar, Mio
  • Prime GoPro compatible base, injection molded, with knuckle bolt

    Compatible Computers:

  • Garmin Edge Series 200, 500, 510, 520, 800, 810, 820, 1000, 1030, Touring
  • Watches 910XT, 920XT
  • Polar M450, M460, V650
  • Wahoo ELEMNT and BOLT
  • Mio 500, 505, 505HC
  • Cyclo 200, 205HC, 210, 315HC, 400, 405, 405HC, 505HC, 605HC
  • Magellan 315, 505
  • Cateye Wireless models Padrone, Strada, Micro, Velo
  • Bryton 100, 300, 310, 330, 530, 10, One, 410
  • Bryton Rider 60/ Rider 200/210 (Use Garmin head)
  • Omata (all)
  • Lezyne and Powertap computer heads below are not included with BF Race mounts but are available for purchase)
  • Lezyne  Micro, Mirco C, Mini, Macro, Super and SuperSE  
  • Powertap Joule