*RESERVATION* Prime GoPro Compatible Base

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The BAR FLY® PRIME GoPro Compatible Base will start assembling in April 2022. There are new COVID related shipping delays from the factory, so delivery is more likely in May 2022. 

The reservation is free.  When the mounts arrive, we will email an updated invoice with payment link.  MSRP $27.95 

The BAR FLY® PRIME GoPro Compatible Base holds your camera or light to your aluminum BAR FLY® Bike Mount. The included Polarity Adapter allows you to thread into Left-Right holes when Up-Down polarity is in use.


  • Aluminum Polarity Adapter
  • Nylon Prime Base
  • M5 Pivot Screw
  • M4 Mount Screws (X6)

Fits the following Bar Fly Models:

  • 4 Prime
  • Race Mini
  • Race Spoon
  • Race MTB
  • Race Flipper
  • Prime Direct 1
  • Prime Direct 2