How do I mount my Bar Fly?

Use a 3mm hex wrench (2.5mm for SLi mount) to tighten. See below for proper torque spec.

What is the proper torque spec for my Bar Fly?

The proper toque setting is going to be about 1.25 NM. This will likely not register on a torque wrench. WARNING: DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN the SCREW!

Instructions: Tighten screw to 1/4 turn past “hand tight or snug” (1.25-1.5Nm).

Do I need to unwrap my bars to mount my Bar Fly?

No, the Bar Fly has a hinged (or flexible- depending on model) clamp, allowing for easy installation.

How do I Register my Bar Fly:

Please use the contact us link and provide us with the product name, date and location of purchase.

How do I warranty my Bar Fly:

All our products include a lifetime warranty. Please provide us with the following information:

  • Photo of mount
  • Description of failure
  • Computer/product used on mount
  • Date Purchased
  • Once we get this returned, with photos, we will get a code for a new mount via our website emailed to you.

Bar Fly SLi compatibility:

The new Bar Fly SLi mounts allow riders to mount up to 3 accessories simultaneously. Please see our ‘Fit Guide’ for information on the proper mount for your accessory.

Our previous generation Bar Fly 2.0 (NOT 2.0 SLi), is not compatible with our new BAM/SLi accessories.

Do you offer a 35.0 handlebar mount?

Yes, all our SLi mounts (SLi, SLi-D and 2.0 SLi) are all 31.8 and 35.0 compatible.

I am struggling to remove my Cateye computer:

Please follow the steps below to remove.

  • Please be sure to push the computer away from bar/stem in a forward motion, not down or up (this will make it harder to remove).
  • Stand behind the handlebar (like you are riding the bike), using the palm of your hand to push on the back/face of the computer.
  • Use your fingers to wrap below the computer and hold the bottom edge of the front of the computer- to ensure the computer is coming out in a linear motion.
  • Gently start pushing forward. The computer is engaged via a small ‘hook’ which will depress and release upon the above actions.

Once removed, you will be able to slide back in, and feel an audible ‘click’ when the computer is reengaged in the Bar Fly.

I have an integrated Bar/Stem, what mount do you recommend?

The Bar Fly Spoon is designed specifically for an integrated Bar. Please check the underside of the ‘stem’ portion of your integrated setup. If you have 2 accessory holes, the Bar Fly Spoon mount will fit your integrated bar. The Spoon includes 2 screws for mounting.

Can I mount multiple accessories on the Bar Fly Spoon?

The Bar Fly spoon was designed specifically for integrated bars. The mount is designed and built to be extremely strong. However, with the variance of integrated bars/stems, we cannot advice customers to mount more than a computer on the Spoon mount.


Do you offer a mount for my phone?

Bar Fly currently offers an iPhone 5/5s phone mount and case (include link).

My TT mount is tight, what can I do to get my Garmin to fit?

The fit of the TT mount and the Garmin QR mount is tight. Garmin recently changed the tolerances of the QR mount, making the fit tight in their mounts too. This can be resolved by ‘trimming’ the edges of the QR mount- see link below.

Our mount and the stock Garmin are close to identical. Due to the flex of the stock Garmin mount, the tight fit of the QR is less of an issue- but still very tight.

Link to ‘trim’ edges:


Does my computer fit on a Bar Fly?

Please refer to our Fit Guide.

 I have a bar with a smaller diameter than 31.8, do you have a mount for me?

All of our mounts are designed around a 31.8 and 35.0 bar diameters. However, we have found using a reflector or light shim allows for mounting on smaller bars (1”, 25.4, 26.0). Please visit your local shop to purchase your Bar Fly and associated shims.

Will the Bar Fly TT mount fit my aero bar?

The Bar Fly TT mount fits bars with a 22.2 diameter.

How do I mount my SLi (GoPro, Light, Di2/EPS junction box) accessory?

Please visit our Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5q6Ur1q2Uo&feature=youtu.be page for tutorials on mounting all our accessories.

Do you make a mount for my computer?

Please see our product fit guide for all supported products.

Does Bar Fly offer Sponsorship?

Yes, we are always accepting sponsorship requests. Please use our contact us form to send a quick note about your proposal.

Where can I purchase a Bar Fly

Bar Fly products are available through all bike shops. Please inquire at your local shop, visit our shop finder, or purchase direct.

I am interested in distributing your products?

Please use our contact us and provide your company name and contact info. We will respond within 24 hours.

I am a shop and cannot find your products, how do I purchase Bar Fly products?

Please use our contact us and provide your email, shop name and phone number. We will respond in 24 hours.

I have a Garmin 520, what mount do you suggest?

We suggest any of the SLi mounts. If you prefer a close fit, with the Garmin as close to the stem as possible, the 2.0 SLi is your best option. If you like a slightly more forward ‘heads up’ position, the SLi is your best option.

I have a Cervelo bar, do you make a mount?

Currently, we do not offer a mount for this bar.

I have a Giant aero Bar/Stem, do you make a mount?

Currently, we do not offer a mount for this bar.

I have an Enve SES bar, do you make a mount?

Currently, we do not offer a mount for this bar.

I am interested in your SLi light mount. What light do you suggest I use?

We have 2 suggestions:

Do you have a direct stem mount for my stem?

We offer direct stem mounts for 3T ARX II stems and Fizik stems ONLY.

What is your Return Policy?

  • 30 days for all orders placed on website
  • After 30 days, there is a 25% restocking fee

How does the SLi for Garmin Engagement work?

Clockwise to engage or put the computer on the bike. Counterclockwise to remove it from the bike.