Who cares about bike racing?

We struggle with social media. The more we begin to understand it, study it, and research it, the blurrier it becomes. Engaging our users and fans is challenging, attracting new customers, follows and likes is even harder.

A great example of this challenge is happening this week. Both the Tour of California and the Giro kicked off. These races both represent the pinnacle of the profession. Millions of dollars in advertising and marketing dollars are thrown at each event, with little regard for ROI, conversions, and new customer engagement. We assume (likely incorrectly) consumers who buy bikes and Bar Fly products have an interest in these races. In full disclosure, we have no idea how many of our customers are following these races, or have an interest in seeing social content related to these events.

Each time we post content to Facebook, we try to understand the performance of the post (time of day, content, shares, boosts, etc.). Typically, ‘race’ related content under performers relative to product and lifestyle content.

As fans of bike racing, we get excited about racing, but in reality, this seems to push away customers, and potentially create a divide between our business and our customers. As we struggle to find the right balance, we look to our customers for feedback and for help shaping our future content.
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