Introduction to the Bar Fly SLi Family of products

We are always working on creative and clever ways to make your ride better. Over the last year, we have been in development of the SLi platform (in 3 versions, for all types of bikes) and related accessories- giving all bikes the opportunity to have a clean aesthetic and purpose built mounting system for all bar mounted products. Bar Fly has come up with a line of products for mounting anything on your bar. This means the SLi mounting platform works with multiple bar diameters, computers, cameras, junction box, lights and even your favorite post ride beverage.

In order to carry up to 325 grams (the average weight of a computer, camera, AND junction box), we needed to find a material up to the task. Without a material bias, we set out to find a product which would be strong, light and durable. The composite material we use in the SLi has been tested to be over 20 times stronger than competing products, and without the associated fatigue issues with some metals.

Strength was our primary engineering consideration, but we also wanted to ensure the Bar Fly SLi was designed to compliment the increasing array of bar shapes and diameters (works with both 31.8 and 35.0 bar standards). We also wanted the SLi to be fast. After testing our mount at the Specialized wind tunnel, we are excited to report the SLi by Bar Fly is the fastest mount in the world, saving riders up to 10 seconds for every 24 miles ridden. For a team at a grand tour, this is over 2 hours and 10 minutes of time saved during the race!

The SLi computer heads and accessory mounts are all interchangeable across the platform- giving riders over 50 options to customize their cockpit, with more accessories in the pipeline to enhance your ride experience. Please let us know if you have ideas for accessories and how you have customized your Bar Fly SLi.